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Our experienced lawyers offer expert advice on property and parenting matters that arise out of separation, with a focus on early settlement.


We believe knowledge is power. We run regular online webinars that allow you to ask questions from the comfort of your own home.


Our education blog is designed to provide bias free info about the issues that affect separating couples and how to navigate the family law system.

Thank you again Bonnie for all your legal expertise! If it wasn't for you and your proficient understanding of family law, my legal fees would have skyrocketed with all my questions. You have given me an understanding of a field I was an absolute novice in. I feel confident in the knowledge received and can work with my lawyer with an understanding of the family law system.

V.V., March 2016

I spoke to Bonnie at Focus on Family Law to understand how best to support a family member going through a divorce. Bonnie was able to help me work through some practical steps that I could take to provide support, explained the legal process and obligations, and explained steps that would need to happen. This information made it easier for me to be supportive, to know what to focus on at each stage, and our discussions have been a constant source of reference material for me in deciding how to proceed and how to be a more supportive family member.

D.D., Victoria, August 2016

During a traumatic time Bonnie guided me, rather than directed me through a very emotional and unfamiliar process. I was provided with advice, particular to my situation, rather than being forced down a one size fits all approach. Being involved in the decision making enhanced my awareness of the process and alleviated many of my fears. Thanks Bonnie for your professionalism and support throughout my separation and divorce.

G.L., Western Australian, July 2016